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Come join us in Miami on the 31st of March

We’ll be discussing the Aiken smart contract development language, join us for a fun evening learning something new!

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Cardano Solution

The Candano Solution began, as most things do, very humbly. It started as a meet up with only two enthusiasts in a coffee shop who believed that the Cardano blockchain could fundamentally change the world.

From there, it has grown, in a very short time, to a network of community members that encompass more than 1,100 people. Some of the gatherings have been small: that first coffee shop; some have been large: a gathering at The Wharf Miami for a meet and greet with Charles Hoskinson. All of these community events have inspired action somewhere, from larger conferences, to the metamorphosis of the meet-up into a full blown community center.

At its core, The Cardano Solution remains a network of passionate individuals who believe that the way blockchain technology changes the world, begins with how Cardano can create positive change in the communities in which we live.

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Our founding members

Here you can see an overview of our founding members

Hassan Michael

Serial entrepreneur and full stack software developer

He not only works as a blockchain and crypto analyst, but has also been a stake pool and relay operator which gave him a strong appreciation for the challenges facing those involved in securing the blockchain.
Hassan grew the original South Florida Cardano Meet-up group from two people to well over a thousand. He was able to do this by being able to boil down complex technical details into simple concepts that non-technical audiences can understand. This passion for educating and advancing the Cardano ecosystem made him a natural fit for the Cardano Ambassador program.


Cardano Enthusiast/Student

Whelan has been involved in the Cardano Community since 2017. His curiosity and passion for the space drive him to learn about new and interesting projects. Always up for a challenge, Whelan is currently a student in the Plutus Pioneer Program.

Benjamin Moore​

Polyglot Developer

Crypto enthusiast with 9 years in industry as a backend developer and a love of functional programming. Benjamin spent his childhood in Mexico, before eventually making his way to Miami, where he is excited to be part of the local crypto scene and help grow the Cardano ecosystem.

David Brown

Marine Corps Combat Veteran

Served with 3/3 India Co. He deployed for 2 combat tours to Haditha and Fallujah, Iraq between his enlisted period of 2005-2009. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He spends much of his time focusing on ways to improve his overall quality of life, and seeks to share that knowledge with other people struggling to sustain a healthy quality of life.

Shayne Brown


Reformed functional SAP consultant with an advanced degree in molecular biology who now teaches. Shayne first delved into crypto in 2010 mining Bitcoin. Excited by all places where cryptocurrency and individual liberty intersect, Cardano was the natural destination. Discovering a vibrant, innovative community was the icing on the cake.